CEO Message

To Our Esteemed Shareholders and Customers :
“Doosan Enerbility aims to become a global company that
focuses on the eco-friendly energy business as its new growth driver,
thereby creating greater value for the world.”

Doosan Enerbility Chairman & CEO Geewon Park
Over the past 60 years, we have contributed to the country’s economic growth by participating in the local manufacturing and overseas export business of industrial plants, including power plants, desalination plants, castings & forgings and construction work. We were able to establish a solid global reputation for Korea by applying our technical expertise and know-how to plants around the world.

With global climate change becoming a serious issue, carbon neutrality has risen in importance and eco-friendly energy has become a megatrend. Such changes are providing Doosan with numerous new challenges and opportunities. Renewable energy is rapidly being pursued by major countries in order to achieve their carbon neutrality goals. Doosan is focusing on gas turbines, renewable energy, hydrogen energy and small modular reactors (SMRs) as its new growth drivers to solidify its position as a leading eco-friendly energy company.

Furthermore, as a responsible member of society, we have established ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) as one of our key business principles, one that is essential for raising our corporate competitiveness. To this end, we have established and adopted ESG-based policies and strategies at a corporate-wide level.

We plan to use this energy transition as an opportunity for further growth and will continue with our efforts to become the unrivalled global leader of the energy industry. I trust that we can count on your continuous support and encouragement going forward. Thank you.

Geewon Park Chairman & CEO
Doosan Enerbility