Social Contribution


Doosan is making efforts to establish itself as a respected company in the local community by presenting a blueprint that aims at improving the future competitiveness of the community and strives to uphold our identity as a company that is actively engaged in social contributions.
To achieve the goal of promoting development of the local community and increasing the company’s value, Doosan adheres to the following three principles: Business Orientation, Community Focus and Employee Engagement. Doosan specifically implements three key streams of activity: people development, support for the disadvantaged, and partnering with local communities on activities that meet their needs.

Improvement in future competitiveness of the community and company value

3 Principles

Business Oriented

Community Focused

Employee Engagement


Focus Areas : Fostering Talented Personnel

Local Community Education to Foster Talented Personnel In Natural Science & Engineering

  • Management Philosophy Centered on Talented Personnel
  • Leveraging Doosan Enerbility Engineering Expertise

Support Areas : Supporting Vulnerable Groups

Resolution and Prevention of Social Issues through Supporting Allenated Social Class

  • Expansion of Support for Vulnerable Groups
  • Contribution to the Resolution of Social Issues

Basic Areas : Community Engagement

Improve Quality of Life and Sustain Growth through Community Engagement

  • Expansion of Local Community Network
  • Support Economic and Social Growth