Environmental Management


Doosan Enerbility operates an environmental management system to identify and minimize the environmental impact of all its business operations,
in line with its business philosophy of establishing a people and nature-oriented advanced management system.

  • Vision
    Becoming a
    Global Top Tier
    Player in
    Energy & Environment
  • Mission

    As a leading solutions provider, creating additional synergy in the energy and environment sectors by supporting the company’s sustainable growth through the establishment of a people and nature-oriented advanced management system.

  • Strategy &
    Performance Results (2020)
    • Development of Eco-friendly Products and Technologies
      • Technology for recovering lithium from waste batteries
      • Development of large wind turbine, etc.
    • Contribution to Building a Resource-Circulating Society
      • Waste Recycling Rate: 91%
      • Recycled raw material (e.g. collected steel, processed chip) usage rate in steel manufacturing process: 36%
    • Establishment of Green Production System
      • Zero environmental accidents achieved by complying with the standards for management of water quality, air, waste and hazardous chemical substances usage
      • Management of Air Pollutants (nitrogen and sulfur oxides): 51.6% of the allocated quota
      • Use of Hazardous Chemical Substances: 32.5% of the target
    • Establishment of Preemptive Response System Against Domestic & International Regulations
      • Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions compared to previous year
        • 229,300 tCO2eq (Scope 1 + Scope 2)
    • Advanced, Scientific System & Process for Environmental Management
      • Operation of green procurement system
        • Purchases of eco-friendly products: KRW 21.7 billion