Employee Welfare

As we believe that the best work performance can only be achieved when our employees are fully satisfied with their lives,
enriching the lives of our employees is considered our first and foremost priority.

Vacation & Leisure Time


Refresher Vacation

To ensure that our employees are provided with sufficient rest time, we offer scheduled annual leaves, refresher vacations and vacation time during summer and end of the year (Recommend 2 weeks off during summer and 1 week off at year-end).


Summer Vacation Bonus

A summer vacation bonus is offered to the employees to use for their enjoyment during their time off.


Cultural Exploration Trip to Advanced Countries

We financially support employees’ backpacking trips to the US/Canada or Europe to help them build a global mindset and broaden their global horizons.



We offer employees the chance to book condominium rooms to provide them with the opportunity to engage in leisure activities and get time to recharge themselves.


Doosan Festival

We offer diverse programs at the Doosan Festival, including family engagement cultural activities and sports events, all of which are arranged to strengthen ties between colleagues and families.

Support for Work-Family Reconciliation


Congratulatory Gifts for New & Expecting Parents

Gifts for newborns are given to congratulate employees who are expecting or who recently gave birth to a child.


Maternal Protection

Various types of maternal protection programs are being operated in order to support employees’ balancing of work and family responsibilities. e.g., maternity leave, childcare leave, reduction of workhours during pregnancy & childcare period, special leave of absence for family care.


Corporate Childcare Center

The Purni Childcare Center, a top-notch childcare center is operated at the workplace in Korea for the employees’ children, with a staff of skilled teachers who are child development & education experts and diverse programs being specially designed for each age group.


Student Grants

We offer a tuition grant program for the offspring of our employees, providing grants for pre-schoolers, elementary, middle and high school students, as well as college students.


Dormitory in Seoul Region

We run a dormitory for our employees’ offspring who attend colleges in Seoul to help ease their housing-related financial burdens and create a safe learning environment.

Medical & Health Support


Company Clinic

Medical services are provided at the on-site clinic by a medical staff consisting of a physician, nurse, physical therapist and athletic therapist.


Counseling Center

The “Misodam” counseling center is operated to help employees and their family members deal with any stress or issues arising in relation to their work or daily lives.


Health Checks

Employees and their spouses are offered a medical checkup every year as part of the efforts to safeguard the employees’ health.


Medical Fee Support

Financial support is provided on the medical costs of surgeries and related medical expenses of employees, their spouses and children, including costs of infertility treatment.



Enrollment to savings insurance and group term insurance plans are offered to help employees prepare for later years and acquire financial stability to deal with any possible mishaps.



Seasonal influenza and influenza A vaccines are provided for employees and their family members for the sake of preventing illnesses and promoting good health.


Fitness Center

Facilities such as a corporate gym, swimming pool, table tennis room and billiards room are operated for the sake of promoting a healthy lifestyle for employees.



Dormitory & Corporate Housing

Dormitory and corporate housing are offered to provide stability to those who have no place of their own or single employees.


Financial Support on Moving Expenses & Relocation Expenses

For those who are assigned to work at a new location, financial support is provided on the moving expenses and interest payment for housing loans.


Employee Welfare Fund

A credit union is run to facilitate financial institution’s services for employees and an employee welfare fund is set up and managed to provide no-interest/ low-interest loans to employees in need of funds for house purchases/ leases and support for stable livelihood.

Self-Development Programs


Employee Training Center

The company has an online studio, learning institute and training center equipped with high-tech equipment operated for the employee training programs.


Employee Sports & Social Clubs

Employees’ extracurricular activities are supported so that employees can maintain a good work & life balance.



Currently have a collection of 15,000 or so books on the subjects of leadership and job functions, and new books/audiobooks are brought in every month.

Stable Livelihood Support


Legal Consultation Service

Free legal consultation services are provided to help employees address any legal complaints or issues they may have.


Congratulatory/ Condolence Leave & Allowance

Special leave of absence and financial support in the form of allowances are provided to employees, who have a personal/family event calling for congratulations or condolences, in order to provide them with moral support (Total services are provided when in need of funeral arrangements).



Long-Term Service Reward

Reward money is issued according to the person’s years of service at the company and the expenses for a couple’s overseas trip is financed for those who have been with the company for 35 years.


Reward for Statutory Retirees

Those who have reached the statutory retirement age of 60 and are retiring from the company are awarded with a plaque of appreciation and a solid gold key.