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Doosan leverages its extensive experience and leading technology to deliver high-quality projects
worldwide in the fields of architecture, civil engineering and plants.

Civil Works

With proven expertise in all areas of civil engineering such as roads, high-speed railways, bridges, industrial complexes and ports, Doosan Enerbility is engaging in a number of civil engineering projects at home and abroad, which include the Noibai-Laocai highway, Wonju-Gangneung railroad and the Samcheok Green Power Plant groundwork.

Major Projects
Highway/Railroad Port/Landfill
  • Noibai-Laocai Highway

  • Incheon-Gimpo Highway

  • Wonju-Gangneung Railroad

  • Bibong-Maesong Highway

  • Bongdam-Songsan Highway

  • Changnyeong-Milyang Highway

  • Sejong-Ansung Highway

  • Haman-Gunbuk industrial complex

  • Steel pier construction of Jeju’s external port

  • Groundwork for Samcheok Green Power Plant units 1 & 2


Doosan creates comfortable and convenient residential spaces, such as multipurpose buildings, apartments, business facilities, educational facilities and research facilities, using its advanced construction technology.

Major Projects
Residential-Commercial Complex /Apartments Business Facilities Research/Medical/Factory Facilities
  • Seoul Forest Trimage

  • Doosan Alfheime

  • Doosan We’ve in Yangsan

  • Doosan We’ve in Gwanggyo

  • Doosan We’ve Tresium 2nd in Sangdo

  • Doosan We’ve Tresium in Gyeongju

  • Trimage Belmare in Yeosu

  • Trimage in Yangsan

  • Trimage in Suncheon (To be sold)

  • Business facilities in Uljiro

  • Business facilities in Supyo-dong

  • Baroseom in Seocho-dong

  • The Land Park Office in Magok

  • Knowledge Industry Center in Anyang

  • Knowledge Industry Center in Hanam, Misa

  • Nuclear fuel technology development laboratories

  • National Cancer Center facility construction

  • New ECO (Waste Management) building construction


Having established a name for ourselves in the field of EPC work for thermal and combined cycle power plants, Doosan is delivering numerous projects of high quality, including that of nuclear power plants, LNG and transmission lines.

Nuclear Power Plants Transmission Line / LNG Storage Tanks
  • Hanul Plant units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

  • Saeul Plant units 1, 2, 3 & 4

  • El-Dabaa Plant units 1, 2, 3 & 4 (Turbine Island, Egypt)

  • LNG storage tanks for Dangjin LNG Terminal Phase 1 project

  • Uljin-Sin Taebaek 765kV transmission line

  • Yangyang-Donghae 345kV transmission line

  • Samcheok LNG production base

  • Power transmission lines in Cambodia