Water EPC

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Doosan Enerbility applies its proven seawater desalination technology to deliver high-efficiency turnkey solutions within the shortest lead time possible. We are a total solutions provider that holds engineering service capabilities that cover all areas of the water and wastewater treatment business.

Seawater Desalination Plants

Seawater Desalination Solutions

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

As the name suggests, pressure is applied to push seawater through a semi-permeable membrane in order to remove contaminants like salt from the water and thereby produce fresh water. Being relatively easy-to-operate and boasting of low-energy consumption, this technology is ideal for plants of any capacity - small, medium or large-capacity plants.

Multi-Stage Flash (MSF)

With the MSF (Multi-Stage Flash) method, the feed seawater flows through a number of heat exchangers (“stages”), gets heated by the steam generated from the power plant until becoming water vapor, which in turn is condensed on the outside surface of the tubes through which cold seawater flows.

Multi-Effect Distillation (MED)

MED (Multi-Effect Distillation), similar to the MSF, is a desalination technology that involves an evaporation process going through a series of chambers (also known as “effects”), with each successive chamber operating at a progressively lower pressure. The MED method has the advantage of reducing energy consumption if applied with dump heat and is mostly used for medium-capacity desalination plants.

Seawater Desalination Plant O&M

Doosan provides O&M (Operation & Maintenance) services based on its more than two decades of experience in plant construction and commissioning. Doosan offers integrated EPC and O&M solutions that enables its customers to reduce the lifecycle costs and improve operational reliability of plants by conducting various reviews from the early stages of the plant operation.

Water Treatment Plant

Doosan holds outstanding capabilities based on cutting-edge membrane technologies, such as Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) and Reverse Osmosis (RO), as well as expertise in recycling based on processes, such as sludge retreatment and Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD).

Major Projects

  • Fujairah, (UAE)

  • Ras Al Khair Ph.1, (KSA)

  • Shuwaikh (Kuwait)

  • Jeddah Ph.3 (KSA)

  • Doha Ph.1, (Kuwait)

  • Shoaiba Ph.4 (KSA)

  • Sharqiyah (Oman)

  • Yanbu Ph.4, (KSA)

  • Shuweihat Ph.2 (UAE)

  • Yanbu Ph.3 (KSA)

  • Yanbu Ph.2, (KSA)

  • Marafiq, (KSA)