Combined Cycle Power Plants

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Doosan Enerbility is leveraging its technical expertise concerning gas turbines,
a key component of combined cycle power plants, to supply equipment for power plants at home and abroad.

Core Equipment of Combined Cycle Power Plants

Gas Turbine

A gas turbine spins the rotating blades by using the hot gas produced by burning compressed air and fuel, and it functions as a core component of combined cycle power plants (CCPP) and combined heat & power (CHP) power plants. Doosan is the first in Korea and fifth in the world to have succeeded in developing a H-class gas turbine, and we expect to soon have our gas turbine model commercialized.

Korean Standard CCPP

We are participating in a standard CCPP model development project that aims at designing and obtaining a standard industrial gas turbine, steam turbine and generator for power plants. Through this project, we seek to obtain high-performance gas turbine technology and establish the infrastructure for developing/ manufacturing gas turbines in the Korean market. A standard CCPP gas turbine model will be supplied for a demonstration project at the Gimpo CHP Plant and once product validation via demonstration project has been sufficiently carried out, we plan to work toward establishing a solid foundation of growth for the Korean gas turbine industry.

[Aerial View of Gimpo CHP Project]

Project Milestones

2019.12 Signing of Gas Turbine Supply Contract
2020.06 Signing of Contracts for Key Power Plant Equipment Delivery and Construction
2023.01 Commissioning
2023.06 Commercial Operation