Safety & Health


Doosan Enerbility has set the prevention of serious disasters, management of high-risk workplaces and processes, and the improvement of partners’ safety management competency as its main goals for the safety & health sector and is performing systematic management to achieve these goals.
Based on a scientific health & safety management system, Doosan is constantly working to identify on-site risk factors and focusing on the prevention of critical disasters. The company is also striving to improve its health & safety management competencies and raise safety awareness along the entire value chain, including at our headquarters, work sites and partner companies.

Shaping a zero accident,
eco-friendly workplace

  • Objective

    Achieving zero critical accidents

  • Core Implemetation strategy
    • Concentration on the prevention of
      critical accidents

    • Concentration on improvement using
      workers participation

    • Concentration on improvement of operation level of

  • Remove Unstable Conditions / Eliminate Unsafe Behaviors

Implementation System

At Doosan Enerbility, the Head of EHS/Management Division is in charge of overseeing the General Health & Safety Management and there is an Occupational Health & Safety Committee in place to review and decide on major issues related to this area. The Occupational Health and Safety Committee, which is composed of an equal number of people from the employer and employee sides, has the role of planning and inspecting the various activities that are carried out in relation to employees’ health and safety. The company is also endeavoring to fully support the protection of partner companies’ employees through the Partners Health and Safety Council, which was formed to prevent occupational accidents.