Small Modular Reactors

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Doosan Enerbility is participating in the design and
engineering of the main components of SMART, a nuclear reactor jointly developed by South Korea and Saudi Arabia.
We will soon be supplying the SMART reactor components to our customers.

Key Features

By adopting the passive safety * feature in the 110MWe integral reactor, safety has been greatly enhanced.
Can be used for multiple purposes, including seawater desalination and district heating, and is particularly appropriate for usage in countries that have difficulties in setting up a single centralized power grid.

Passive Safety: A safety feature that is activated not by any active power source for emergencies, but by natural force such as gravity. Safety can be ensured for up to 20 days even in accident-conducive conditions.

Development Status & Business Forecast

Development of the SMART reactor, a project being jointly pursued by South Korea and Saudi Arabia, was initiated in 1997, with the pre-project engineering work having been carried out during the period of 2015 to 2018. Currently, we are working to obtain the Standard Design Approval for the reactor.
Once the Standard Design Approval has been acquired, construction of the initial SMART reactor will start in earnest.

  • Forecasted SMART Reactor Construction Diagram

  • Integral-type SMART Reactor

What is the SMR (Small Modular Reactor)?

The SMR refers to a small nuclear reactor, which has a power output of no more than 300Mwe and features that give it a clear advantage over conventional nuclear reactors found in large-capacity power plants. Such advantages include enhanced safety and greater flexibility with regard to the possible installation sites and power output, which is why the SMR is receiving worldwide attention these days as a viable alternative energy source to rely on to achieve carbon reduction.