Shared Growth with Suppliers


Through the establishment of a virtuous cycle-based partnership system, Doosan Enerbility aims to increase the overall competitiveness of its supply chain and
strengthen its business partnerships by sharing the profits generated from this business arrangement with its partner companies.

Main Activities

The company is actively operating the shared growth program for its partner companies with the following four objectives in mind:
Reinforcing partner companies’ competitiveness, supporting partners’ overseas expansion, offering partner companies financial support, and strengthening the communication with partners.

Reinforcing Partner Companies’ Competitiveness

  • Operation of a support Program to improve competitiveness

  • Project on improving EHS Safety & Health through Mutual Cooperation

  • Consortium of National Human Resources Project

  • Benefit Sharing System

Supporting Partners’ Overseas Expansion

  • Joint Expansion to Overseas Construction Sites

  • Support process of obtatining PQ(Pre-Qualification) Approval of Overseas Clients

  • Support Participation in Overseas Exhibitions

Offering Partners Financial Support

  • Direct Support Fund without interest for Partner Companies

  • Operation of Shared Growth Fund (Combined Support)

  • Loans & Network Loans for Partner Companies

  • Mutual Partner Loan

Strengthening Communication with Partners

  • Establishment and Regular Meetings of Doosan Enerbility Cooperation Comittee

  • Increased CEO and executives visits to Partner Companies

  • Operation of shared growth Call Center

  • Support Participation in Job Fair for Partner Companines