Castings & Forgings

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Equipped with a one-stop manufacturing facility and superior technology, Doosan supplies super-large castings & forgings at a worldwide level for power plants, marine vessels, steelworks, molds & tool steel and other various industrial facilities.

Power Plant Components

Doosan’s portfolio includes large castings & forgings for major nuclear components, such as nuclear reactors and steam generators, as well as castings & forgings for gas turbines, steam turbines and generators for nuclear, thermal and hydro power plants.

Shipbuilding Components

Doosan holds all the major shipbuilding certifications (e.g. ABS, DNV-GL) and we produce medium to large-size crankshafts for marine engines (50MC ~14RTF96C), stern frame castings, shafts, stocks, and rudder trunks that weigh up to 300 tons, all of which are supplied to the major shipyards in Korea and overseas.


The steelmaking components provided by Doosan include forged rolls, core components of rolling mills required for manufacturing thick steel plates or hot/cold rolled coil steel, and mill housing, a large structure used to facilitate the rolling process.

Molds & Tool Steel

We provide die steel used to produce molds for various plastic products and tool steel used to produce molds for die forgings.

Industrial Materials

Doosan has the capacity to supply over 100 tons of forged products, as well as over 200 tons of industrial cast steel. Doosan has been earning the trust of customers in the global market for large-size presses through the on-time delivery of quality materials.

Marine Components

Doosan has the capacity to supply low-temperature, high-strength castings & forgings, as well as steelwork of various grades that are used on marine power plants (e.g. offshore drilling systems, transport vessels, specialized vessels). Owing to our solid track record for on-time delivery of quality products, we have earned the trust of customers worldwide in the marine power plant sector.