Thermal Power Plants

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Doosan is a global company that possesses proprietary technology and a solid track record in the production of core equipment for power plants, including boilers, turbines and generators.

Steam Turbines

Doosan began manufacturing steam turbines for the Seocheon power plant (200MW) in 1978, and currently designs and manufactures its own steam turbines to meet the needs of all types of power plants, including combined cycle power plants, cogeneration power plants, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants.


We are building a comprehensive product line-up ranging from 90MW small-size generators to 1500MW ultra-large size generators. The generators offered in our lineup are all applicable to the various types of power plants, including nuclear power plants, combined cycle (gas turbine) power plants, small and large-scale thermal power plants and bio-diesel power plants.

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) Plant Technology

Based on the waste-to-energy(WtE) technology owned by our German subsidiary Doosan Lentjes, we are practicing sustainable waste management, through which we aim to pursue the recycling of resources and waste-to-energy conversion.


The technology and experience we have gained while designing, manufacturing, installing, maintaining and repairing boilers for clients worldwide have enabled us to build an extensive boiler portfolio that includes large-capacity drum boilers, once-through boilers and fluidized-bed boilers for power plants, as well as various models for industrial use. We also boast of having the technology to design highly-efficient, eco-friendly models that are capable of removing toxic substances from exhaust gas.

Air Pollution Control

Air pollution control systems are used to remove air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and dust from the flue gas emitted by thermal power plants or industrial facilities. Environmental control systems are installed in areas ranging from the rear to the stack of boilers. An air pollution control system consists of a DeNOx system (SCR) that removes nitrogen oxides by contacting flue gas with a catalyst, an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) that uses electrostatic force to remove dust, and a Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) system that removes sulfur dioxide from the flue gas by atomizing alkaline solutions, such as limestone slurry or seawater, into the flue gas.

Plant I&C System

Doosan provides comprehensive instrumentation & control (I&C) solutions optimized for the material purchasing, design, manufacturing, implementation, commissioning and services of power plants.

Balance of Plant (BOP)

We manufacture and offer equipment such as heat exchangers, which condenses and reheats the exhaust steam from turbines for protection of the power plant components and improvement of the power generating efficiency, as well as other various types of transport equipment, such as RMQC (Rail Mounted Quay side Crane), RTGC (Rubber Tired Gantry Crane) and RMGC (Rail Mounted Gantry Crane).