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Doosan Enerbility

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Renamed as Doosan Enerbility

The name “Enerbility” was newly coined by combining the words “energy” and “sustainability” as a portrayal of the company’s aspirations to enable the achievement of sustainability with the company’s energy technologies. The intent was to create a name that embodies the company’s core business values, one that expresses the company’s commitment to enriching people’s lives and making Earth a cleaner planet with its energy technologies.



Doosan Enerbility’s business vision of becoming a
“Global Leader in Power & Water” expresses the company’s commitment
to establishing itself as a leading global player in this area of business.

In order to become an innovative global provider of life-enriching services, we aim to become a leader in all aspects,
including superior technology, price competitiveness, product and service quality, sales and profitability, employee development and corporate culture.
Furthermore, by responding swiftly to the rapidly changing global technology trends, we endeavor to lead the market changes,
thereby positioning ourselves as a trend setting global leader.

Strategic Direction

In response to the expected changes in the global industrial trends and the government’s energy policies,
Doosan has been working on the realignment of its business portfolio to be oriented toward its new growth driver businesses.
The company has selected gas turbines, renewable energy, hydrogen energy and SMRs as its four new growth engines, and by participating in government-led projects
for technology development and successfully executing demonstration projects, we are solidly establishing ourselves as the market leader.

Renewable Energy

Gas Turbines

Hydrogen Energy

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)