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Doosan Enerbility Pursuing Adoption of Carbon Reduction Technology at Thailand’s Power Plant

Doosan Enerbility is pursuing the adoption of carbon reduction technologies, such as ammonia co-firing and CCUS* technology, at a thermal power plant in Thailand.* CCUS (Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage) Doosan Enerbility announced on May 20th that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Thailand’s state-owned enterprise GPSC*, titled “MOU on Collaboration for Joint Study and Potential Adoption of Doosan’s Carbon-Free Energy Solutions (Ammonia Co-firing and CCUS technology).” The ceremony which was held in Thailand was attended by South Korea’s Vice Minister of Environment Sang-jun Lim, and key business figures including GPSC Chief Operating Officer Sirimet Leepagorn and Doosan Enerbility’s Chief Marketing Officer Jungkwan Kim.* GPSC(Global Power Synergy Public Company Limited): power generation company that is a subsidiary of Thailand’s state-owned oil company PTT. With the signing of the MOU, the two companies agreed to pursue a joint study and feasibility study on the adoption of ammonia co-firing and CCUS technologies at the Gheco-One power plant, a power plant operated by GPSC in Thailand. In addition, the agreement was made to engage in a comprehensive partnership for the adoption of carbon-neutral power generation solutions, such as SMR, offshore wind power and hydrogen technologies. By applying 20% ammonia co-firing technology to the 700MW Gheco-One plant, it is expected that this will lead to a CO2 reduction of approximately 700 thousand tons per year, which would be equivalent to the effect achievable through afforestation of over one-fourth of the Bangkok region. “The Ministry of Environment aims to actively support the widespread adoption of Korea’s carbon-neutral technology across the Southeast Asian region, including in Thailand,” said Sang-jun Lim, South Korea’s Vice Minister of Environment, who was among the attendees that day. ”As the Gheco-One power plant is a project that Doosan Enerbility took on as the EPC contractor and completed in 2012, with our responsibilities covering the entire process from design to manufacturing & supply of the main components and construction of the plant, it will make it all the more easier for Doosan to perform a multi-dimensional feasibility study,” said Doosan Enerbility’s CMO Jungkwan Kim. “Using this MOU as a starting point, we look forward to actively engaging in collaboration initiatives concerning Doosan’s various carbon reduction technologies.”

2024. 06. 20