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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Wins 380 Billion Won Contract for Integrated Energy System

2014. 08. 11

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- Doosan beats tough international competition to deliver major project in Dongtan New City
  • □ On August 11, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction was awarded a contract worth 380 billion won (or about US$370 million) by Korea District Heating Corporation to supply the integrated energy systems to be built in Dongtan 2 New City, a city being created in Hwaseong, just south of Seoul in South Korea.
  • □ The integrated energy systems include an 800MW combined heat and power plant that will be built in the eight-hectare general industrial complex in Dongtan.
  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction won the competitive tender over bids by German and Japanese companies. Under the contract, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction will deliver EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services for two gas turbines and two steam turbines, with construction expected to be completed by December 2017.
  • □ “Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, a company capable of design, engineering, and construction, was once again recognized for its integrated technological competitiveness by winning the project,” said Huntak Kim, director of the EPC BG at Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction. “We have secured a competitive advantage for forthcoming construction projects in the integrated energy systems market in Korea.”
On August 11, Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction COO and President Keysun Han (right) and Korea District Heating Corp. President Seong Hoe Kim (left) signed a contract for the integrated energy systems in Dongtan New City.