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Doosan Provides Free Dental Treatment for Partner Companies

2015. 03. 01

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- Company Conducts ‘Dental Treatment of Love’ Event with Seoul National University Dental Hospital
  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction announced on March 1 that it conducted a ‘Dental Treatment of Love’ event jointly with Seoul National University Dental Hospital (SNUDH) to extend its commitment to its partners and local communities for two consecutive days from February 27.
  • □ As the second event since last year, more than 20 medical staff including Prof. Ho-beom Kwon, head of the SNUDH volunteer club, and over thirty volunteers from Doosan participated. They provided a range of dental services, including cavity treatment, tooth extraction and scaling for Doosan’s partner companies’ employees and senior citizens who live alone in Changwon where Doosan’s headquarters is located.
  • □ The voluntary team provided transportation for the elderly citizens with disabilities along with a reservation system in order to treat as many people as possible. All expenses including treatment costs were covered by Doosan and SNUDH.
  • □ Doosan hopes that its partner companies’ employees will feel greater job satisfaction from the free dental care service and expects the program to serve as an opportunity to extend shared growth with its partners and support the local communities.
Doosan and SNUDH conducted a ‘Dental Treatment of Love’ event at the Company’s head office in Changwon on February 27 and 28. In this photo, members of the SNUDH medical team and Doosan volunteers provide dental treatment to staff of Doosan’s partner companies and senior citizens from the local community.