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Doosan Holds Ceremony to Commemorate the Shipment of the Reactor Vessel for UAE Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2

2015. 04. 09

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- President Park Geun-hye pays visit to congratulate the second reactor vessel shipment for UAE Nuclear Plant following first one for Unit 1 last year
  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (Chairman & CEO Geewon Park) held a ceremony to commemorate the shipment of the reactor vessel for UAE Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2, under the presence of President Park Geun-hye in the afternoon on April 9.
  • □ The reactor vessel – a 1400MW pressurized water reactor (APR1400) – was shipped from the company dock at the Changwon Plant.
  • □ President Park visited Doosan’s headquarters in Changwon after she attended the opening ceremony of Gyeongnam Creative Innovation Center in the morning and inspected the main facilities under the guidance of Doosan Group Chairman Yongmaan Park. She then attended the ceremony that was held to commemorate the shipment of the reactor vessel to the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 to congratulate the company.
  • □ In addition to President Park, the commemorative event was attended by around 30 dignitaries, including Abdulla Al Romaithi, UAE Ambassador to Korea; Jun-pyo Hong, Governor of Gyeongnam Province; Sang-jick Yoon, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy; Yongmaan Park, Chairman & CEO of Doosan Group; Ji Taik Chung, Vice Chairman & COO of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, as well as representatives of Doosan’s partners in the project and Doosan employees.
  • - Reactor Vessel: The Reactor Vessel is a key component of a nuclear power plant which generates heat through the nuclear fission reaction. The reactor vessel shipped out this day was the APR1400 model, with measurements of 14.8m height, 5.5m outer diameter, 533 ton weight and up to 292mm thickness.
  • - APR (Advanced Power Reactor) 1400: APR (Advanced Power Reactor) 1400 is the nuclear reactor model developed by Korea. Compared to the earlier Korean model OPR 1000, the power generation capacity was increased from 1000MW to 1400MW and the lifespan was extended from 40 years to 60 years, thereby reducing the cost of power generation by at least 10%. Moreover, safety was improved by increasing the seismic design standard to withstand earthquakes of 7.0 or higher on the Richter scale.