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Doosan Converts Yeongdong Thermal Power Plant to Biomass Power Plant

2015. 11. 18

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- Doosan to change an aged coal-fired plant into a new biomass-fired plant, first complete conversion in Korea - Carbon emission to be drastically reduced by 860,000 tons per year - Korea South-East Power, project owner, to secure 1.27mil. renewable energy certificates
  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (Chairman & CEO Geewon Park) announced on November 18 that it secured a project to convert fuel for Yeongdong Thermal Power Plant Unit 1, which was awarded by Korea South-East Power (KOSEP).
  • □ The Yeongdong Plant Unit 1, an aged thermal power plant, which was completed in 1973, will be reborn into a new biomass-fired plant with Doosan’s advanced technologies.
  • □ Compared to the projects converting coal-firing into co-firing of coal and biomass, Doosan will be transforming the Yeongdong plant into an entirely biomass-fired station, making it the first complete coal-to-biomass conversion project in Korea. Doosan plans to complete the project, which will involve replacing the existing facilities such as boilers, by late March 2017.
  • □ Amid the rising concerns over global climate change, the project will contribute to reducing environmental impact, for upon its completion, CO2 emission is expected to be reduced by 860,000 tons per year. With this remarkable achievement, KOSEP will be able to secure up to 1.27 million renewable energy certificates (REC). The new plant may also be able to supply green power for the 2018 Winter Olympics that will take place in Pyeongchang, Gangwon province.
  • □ Notably, biomass which will be burned for the Yeongdong biomass plant, is proven to be more environmentally-friendly than fossil fuels. Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced drastically by firing wood instead of coal, producing 65 to 75 percent less sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide emissions and also reducing ash to just 10 percent of what is usually generated from coal.
  • □ As the government presses ahead on energy policies to expand renewable energy in the energy mix, eco-friendly fuels including biomass are being increasingly used for power plants. Doosan expects the project to give the company a leg up in businesses to improve aging power plants in Korea and overseas.
  • □ Doosan Power Systems, Doosan Heavy Industries & Constructions’ European affiliate, had acquired the biomass conversion project of Gardanne Thermal Power Plant in Provence, France in 2013. With proven experience in fuel conversion projects, Doosan Babcock, the U.K.-based subsidiary will be participating in the plant design phase of the project.