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Doosan GridTech Inks First Supply Contract for Energy Storage System in the US

2016. 10. 17

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- Doosan’s first project since its takeover of U.S. ESS solutions provider in July
  • □ Doosan GridTech, the U.S-based energy storage systems (ESS) unit of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, clinched its first project in the U.S., to supply advanced ESS solutions to the Texas- based electric utility Austin Energy. This is the company’s first order since Doosan Group acquired the U.S ESS software solutions provider 1Energy Systems three months ago and changed its name to Doosan GridTech.
  • □ Under the contract signed with Austin Energy, Doosan GridTech will be supplying ESS solutions for solar power generation of 3MWh capacity to the Kingsbury substation.
  • □ By storing electricity in batteries during hours of low demand and supplying it during peak hours, ESS solutions provide a means of increasing the energy efficiency. With the ESS, a stable supply of electricity can be ensured for renewable energy sources such as wind power and solar energy, which have long faced the challenge of an unstable output.
  • □ Dae-jin Choi, CEO of Doosan GridTech, said, “The global ESS market is projected to grow exponentially at an average annual rate exceeding 20 percent.” He added, “Doosan will increase the competitiveness of its integrated solutions by banking on its advanced software technologies, and will be supplying more of its energy-efficient storage system solutions in the North American region.”
  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction entered the ESS and micro-grid market in September of last year when it was selected as the main ESS solutions provider for the smart grid project implemented by the Korean government. The company secured the contract to supply ESS solutions with a capacity of 2.4MWh to the headquarters building of the Korea Power Exchange.