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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Successively Wins Orders for Energy Storage System (ESS) at Both Home and Abroad

2018. 05. 14

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- Power Demand Management ESS project to be pursued with SK E&S and a supply contract signed with Korean SME firm BSS
- Solar energy-linked ESS to be rolled out at Doosan Heavy’s Changwon Plant and Doosan Infracore’s Gunsan Plant

  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction has recently been successively winning contracts for energy storage system (ESS) projects.

  • □ The company signed a contract with SK E&S on the 13th of this month to deliver a power demand management ESS facility. The ESS project is an economically beneficial project that helps large businesses with high energy consumption to store surplus electricity at nighttime when the energy demand is low, so that it can be used later on during the hours of high energy demand.

  • □ In this ESS implementation project which is to take place at Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction’s plant located in Changwon of Korea’s Gyeongnam province, Doosan will be responsible for supplying the ESS, whereas SK E&S will be handling the investment and operation side to ensure that an efficient energy solution can be provided. Doosan will be applying its ESS control software technology and engineering capabilities to handle the entire process starting from design to equipment & material supply and construction. The plan is to have a 70MWh ESS set up by September this year.

  • □ Doosan will be working together with SK E&S to implement a FEMS (Factory Energy Management System) and solar power plant as part of its efforts to establish a factory-based microgrid operation, while also pursuing an energy efficiency demonstration project.

  • □ Doosan signed a contract on April 27th to supply ESS control software and battery system as a package system to BSS, a Korean SME that is involved in the electric power equipment field. Furthermore, with Doosan Heavy’s US-based subsidiary, Doosan GridTech, also winning a contract together with Consumers Energy to implement an ESS at a substation in Kalamazoo, which is located in the southwestern part of Michigan, the company is effectively building up its competitiveness in both the domestic and overseas markets.

  • □ “According to information released by an energy sector market analysis organization, the global ESS market is expected to jump from a scale of 3.9 billion dollars in 2019 to 8.2 billion dollars by 2024,” said Doosan Vice President Sungwon Kim. He added, “Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction plans to aggressively target the global ESS market and expand our business portfolio by expanding into the ESS- linked solar power plant construction and operation business.”

  • □ Doosan Heavy is also rolling out the solar power-linked ESS at the sites of its major affiliates. Following the construction of a ESS-linked solar power facility at the learning center of its Changwon headquarters last year, it started on the construction of a 3.5MW solar power plant linked to a 8MWh ESS at the main building and main entrance area at the Changwon headquarters, as well as at Doosan Infracore’s Gunsan plant.

  • □ On another note, Doosan Heavy announced that SHINES, the ESS integrated solution project being jointly executed by its US-based Doosan Gridtech and Austin Energy since 2016, had been selected as the recipient of the 2018 Grid Edge Innovation Award by Greentech Media, a leading US media company specializing in the news of renewable energy.

  • □ After winning a contract from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) last year to implement a 20 billion won-scale ESS at the Beacon Solar Plant near the Mojave Desert, Doosan GridTech also won a contract last month from Consumers Energy to deliver an ESS to a local substation located in the southwestern part of Michigan.