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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction completes construction of ESS-linked solar power plant

2018. 07. 10

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- A 3MWh ESS-linked 1.5MW solar power plant built using Doosan technology in parking lot of Changwon-based headquarters
- Business portfolio to be expanded with “ESS-linked power plant construction and operation” to build presence in ESS market

  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction(DHIC) held a ceremony on July 10th to celebrate the construction of its 1.5MW solar power plant, which is linked with a 3MWh* energy storage system (ESS) at the parking lot of its headquarters building in Changwon, Gyeongnam province.

  • □ More than 150 people, including the Changwon City Mayor Sung-moo Huh, Director of Economic Affairs Eung-gyu Kim, and DHIC President Myungwoo Kim attended the ceremony.

  • □ The ESS-linked solar power plant provides greater energy efficiency, as it stores the electricity generated from the solar power system into the ESS to use later on when needed..
    DHIC’s US-based subsidiary Doosan Gridtech’s control system software was applied as the core technology in the ESS.

  • □ The project was carried out as a turnkey project, with DHIC taking on the entire process starting from plant design to equipment installation and commissioning. DHIC will also be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the plant.

  • □ “The government plans to increase the renewable energy system capacity to 63.8GW by 2030 under its ‘Renewable Energy 3020 Plan,’ and we expect this will lead to significant growth for the ESS sector, which is a source of stable power supply,” said Sungwon Kim, Executive Vice President of DHIC’s Marketing Division. He added, “We will aggressively penetrate the global ESS market which is regarded as having huge growth potential and continue to expand our business portfolio with the ‘construction and operation of ESS-linked solar power plants.”

  • □ DHIC has been successfully operating the 300KW solar power plant, which is linked with a 1MWh ESS, since its construction at the Changwon plant’s Learning Center in August of last year.

* 1MWh: The amount of power that can be supplied to about 2,000 households for 1 hour based on the average power consumption per household in Korea.