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DHIC to accelerate “Digital Transformation” through Dell EMC partnership

2018. 09. 07

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- Cooperation to be pursued on digital solution project for India power plant
- Cooperation growing with global IT companies following the partnership with SAP in June

  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (DHIC) is boosting its “Digital Transformation” by expanding its partnerships with global IT companies.

  • □ The company announced on September 5 that it had signed an MOU with Dell EMC to cooperate on the efforts for “Digital Transformation”.

  • □ Among the attendees at the MOU signing ceremony held at Dell EMC’s Seoul office were Yongjin Song, DHIC’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Gyeong Jin Kim, Dell EMC Senior Vice President and Korean Enterprise Business President.

  • □ By signing the MOU, both companies agreed to enter into a comprehensive partnership for the “Digital Transformation” of DHIC. Furthermore, they will jointly target the global power generation and water service markets by combining DHIC’s engineering, manufacturing, and operating capabilities in the power plant and water business sectors with the digital capabilities of Dell EMC. Earlier in June, DHIC had entered into a comprehensive cooperative partnership on digital transformation with SAP.

  • □ The first cooperation project will be to implement a digital solution at an Indian power plant. This project involves implementing the Dell EMC system, which has a built-in power plant combustion optimization solution developed by DHIC based on the SAP platform. The solution is expected to increase the power generation efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions at the same time. Its installation at the Indian power plant will be completed by this month and operation is scheduled to begin in October.

  • □ “DHIC holds notable competitiveness, backed by digital technology, in the areas such as engineering, manufacturing, construction and services. We plan to build a digital ecosystem in partnership with global IT companies, such as Dell EMC and SAP, and aggressively target the global power generation and water service markets,” DHIC CSO Yongjin Song said.

  • □ DHIC created the “Digital Innovation” group consisting of the Software Development Team and Data Analytics Team in 2013. It also developed various programs like “PreVision,” a program used to diagnose and predict power plant failures, and “Wind Supervision,” a program used to monitor and remotely manage the operation of wind turbines via smartphones. The company plans to further widen the application of the digital solution by also applying it to the energy optimization service of seawater desalination systems.

Yongjin Song, DHIC CSO (left), and Dell EMC Senior VP and Korean Enterprise Business President Gyeong Jin Kim pose for a commemorative photo after signing the MOU.