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Doosan Heavy Wins Fuel Conversion Contract for Youngdong Thermal Power Plant Unit 2

2018. 11. 05

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- Coal-to-biomass fuel conversion project amounting to 70 billion won

  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction announced on November 4, that it had bagged the Youngdong Thermal Power Plant Unit 2 fuel conversion project, which is valued at around 70 billion won.
    The project involves converting the 200MW Unit 2 of Youngdong Thermal Power Plant, which was constructed back in 1979, into a biomass power plant.

  • □ Doosan Heavy plans to replace the existing equipment, such as the boiler, and have the power plant reborn as a 325MW renewable energy power plant when construction is completed by June 2020, placing it as the largest of its kind in Korea in terms of capacity.
    The woody biomass to be used as fuel for the power plant emits less atmospheric pollutants, such as SOx and NOx, by more than 65-75% compared to coal, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by about 1.35 million tons.

  • □ “We have proven our technical capability by winning numerous fuel conversion and performance improvement projects of old power plants, such as Youngdong Thermal Power Plant Units 1 and 2 and Boryeong Thermal Power Plant Unit 3 at this time of rising demand for the performance improvement of aging coal-fired thermal power plants. We will strive to win even more performance improvement projects both in Korea and the overseas market,” said Jinwon Mok, Doosan Heavy’s Power Service BG CEO.

  • □ Doosan Heavy had previously won the fuel conversion project for the 125MW Unit 1 of Youngdong Thermal Power Plant in 2015 and had successfully completed the construction in June 2017.