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Doosan solves the problems of fine dust and smoke from power plants at the same time

2019. 05. 21

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- Company completes joint development of efficient electrostatic mist eliminator with KIMM
- New technology removes 98% of mist, the main component of smoke, from a power plant and reduces fine dust to 4% of the regulated limit
- Simple addition to existing desulfurizer... Replacement of expensive wet electrostatic precipitator

  • □ No more smoke out of stacks of thermal power plants soon. Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (DHIC) announced on May 21 that it has developed, in collaboration with the Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials (KIMM), an efficient electrostatic mist eliminator (EME) that can remove the white smoke and fine dust emitted by the stacks of thermal power plants at the same time.

  • □ An EME is an eco-friendly system that processes flue gas generated by thermal power plants just before it is discharged from the stack. The newly developed EME is designed to be installed on top of a flue gas desulfurizer (FGD) at a power plant, and uses the electrostatic method to remove up to 98% of mist, the main content of white smoke discharged from a stack.

  • □ Moreover, adding an EME to the existing environmental equipment can reduce the fine dust and ultra-fine dust emissions of a thermal power plant to 0.5 mg/Nm3 or less. It is the world’s lowest discharge level, at only 4% of the acceptance criterion set by the Ministry of Environment (12mg/Nm3) and 10% of the emission criterion applied in the capital region (5 mg/Nm3).

  • □ DHIC installed a full-sized pilot EME applicable to standard domestic coal-fired thermal power plants at the Changwon factory and tested it successfully. It has also completed the commercialization design of a 500MW EME and plans a field demonstration at a standard domestic coal-fired thermal power plant jointly with a major power plant.

  • □ “The newly developed EME could be an effective alternative for achieving the government’s goal of reducing fine dust emissions by 30% in Korea. We plan to continue developing eco-friendly technologies in an effort to improve the environmental problems at existing thermal power plants,” said Yongjin Song, DHIC’s Chief Strategy Officer.

  • □ In December 2016, DHIC was selected as the main contractor for the “development of an integrated environmental equipment solution to reduce the fine dust emissions of standard and new standard power plants,” to be implemented jointly by KIMM and the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning.

  • □ The government is carrying out a comprehensive plan to manage fine dust with the objective of reducing domestic fine dust emissions by 30% of the 2014 level by 2022. The Ministry of Environment measures the flue gas emitted by the stacks of thermal power plants nationwide and has the power to halt a power plant’s operation if its emissions exceed the regulated limit. <End>

The pilot EME for domestic standard coal-fired thermal power plants installed at the DHIC headquarters in Changwon, Gyeongnam