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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction to Export 1.5 Trillion Won Worth of U.S. Small Modular Reactors

2020. 08. 30

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- SMR developed by NuScale, where Doosan Heavy holds an equity stake, received the first NRC design approval
- Doosan Heavy to supply the forgings and main components for the SMRs, with manufacturing starting in 2021

  • □ The SMR(small modular reactor) project in the States, which Doosan Heavy is participating in as the main equipment supplier, is gaining momentum.
    On August 30th, Doosan Heavy announced that U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) completed Phase 6 review—the last and final phase—of the Design Certification Application for the SMR developed by U.S. based NuScale with which Doosan Heavy has a strategic partnership. This is the first time a SMR has passed all the stages of NRC’s design certification process.

  • □ Obtaining NRC design certification means NuScale’s SMR has received global recognition for its safety and reliability. Based on the recognition, NuScale will be able to pursue SMR projects around the world, including the United States, Canada, the Czech Republic and Jordan. NRC has been conducting design certification reviews of the SMR since 2017. NuScale invested a total of US$500 million and 2 million hours to pass the review.

  • □ Doosan Heavy expects the first SMR order to come from the US Power Company, UAMPS (Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems), which is pursuing an SMR project in the state of Idaho. The project involves building a 720 MW nuclear power plant consisting of a dozen 60MW SMRs. The construction is scheduled to commence in 2023, with commercial operation slated to start in 2029. Doosan Heavy is expecting to receive orders for the forgings and main components for SMRs and to start manufacturing them in 2021.

  • □ "We have strengthened our strategic partnership with NuScale by completing a US$44 million stake investment in it last year. We will supply at least US$1.3 billion worth of major SMR equipment in the US and global markets through NuScale, and we expect more orders following the expansion of NuScale's business,” said Kiyong Na, the head of Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction's Nuclear Business Group.

  • □ SMRs are emerging as a major alternative means of reducing carbon emissions as they offer dramatically improved safety, economic feasibility, and operability compared to the existing large nuclear power plants. The US Department of Energy (DOE) has been supporting NuScale's SMRs since 2013, and major nuclear power countries, such as Korea, France, the United Kingdom and China are stepping up efforts to develop SMRs.

Virtual aerial view of NuScale SMR plant
Interior of NuScale SMR plant
NuScale SMR plant sectional view