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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction to manufacture and supply pressurizer to ITER

2020. 09. 09

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- Doosan signs agreement to supply pressurizer for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) project in France
- A joint international project to create an artificial sun as a future energy source

  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is participating in a joint international project aimed at creating an artificial sun, often referred to as “the energy of dreams.” The initial assembly work began last month.

  • □ Doosan Heavy disclosed on 9th that the consortium it formed with its UK-based subsidiary Doosan Babcock had recently signed an agreement with ITER to supply a pressurizer.

  • □ ITER is a joint international project, involving seven countries including Korea, to construct and operate a facility to demonstrate the feasibility of generating large-scale nuclear fusion energy.
    The international project aims to create an artificial sun as a safe and clean future energy source using nuclear fusion, the underlying principle of the sun’s energy production, on the ground. Launched in 2007, the project will be carried out until 2042 and the facility will be constructed in Cadarache, France by 2025.

  • □ Doosan Heavy, which won the contract through an international competitive bidding process, plans to design and manufacture a pressurizer capable of maintaining the pressure of the heat exchange system installed at ITER and protecting it from overpressure, and to have this delivered by 2022.

  • □ “This order represents once again the worldwide recognition that Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is receiving for its capability to design and manufacture power generation equipment. We plan to continue with our efforts to contribute to the commercialization of nuclear fusion,” said Kiyong Na, CEO of Doosan Heavy’s Nuclear Business Group.