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Doosan Heavy Signed IAPS Contract with CTEC for Supply to Tianwan Units 7 & 8 in China

2021. 08. 11

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- In March, Doosan Heavy won the IAPS order for Xudapu units 3 & 4 in China
- With track record of IAPS supply to all the nuclear power plants in Korea, Doosan Heavy has proved its technological prowess and made its way into the Chinese nuclear power plant market.

  • □ Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is continuously extending its reach and winning additional supply orders for nuclear power Instrumentation & Controls (I&C) in the Chinese nuclear market.

  • □ On August 11, 2021, Doosan Heavy revealed that it had signed a contract with China Techenergy Co., Ltd. (CTEC), a subsidiary of stated-owned energy corporation CGN, for supply of Industrial Anti-seismic Protection System (IAPS) that will be installed at Tianwan units 7 & 8. This has continued Doosan Heavy’s order-winning momentum following the IAPS deal for Xudapu units 3 & 4 secured in last March. Doosan will supply IAPS on the basis of FirmSys platform to Tianwan units 7 & 8 located on the coast of Jiangsu Province in eastern China by 2024.

  • □ The I&C is the core system serving as brain and neural network in nuclear power plants. As a key equipment of I&C, IAPS functions to automatically shut down the reactor if the earthquake sensor reaches or exceeds the set value during operation of the nuclear power plant.

  • □ Doosan Heavy supplied IAPS to all the 28 nuclear power plants in Korea. Based on this, Doosan Heavy was able to participate in China's Xudapu units 3 & 4 and Tianwan units 7 & 8 projects.

  • □ Kiyong Na, CEO of Doosan Heavy’s Nuclear Business Group said, "We were able to establish a trustful relationship with our customer with proven technology based on abundant experiences and track record in the domestic nuclear market. We will commit to successfully carry out Xudapu units 3 & 4 and Tianwan units 7 & 8 projects with CTEC as the general contractor, and at the same time continue to pursue new opportunities to participate in overseas nuclear power plant markets."