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Doosan Heavy Wins Sewage Treatment Contract in the UK

2021. 08. 16

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- Sewage treatment facility relocation project won from UK’s largest water & wastewater services company Thames Water
- Water & wastewater treatment specialist Doosan Enpure to participate as part of consortium for the KRW 180bn project

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction, with its superior water and wastewater treatment technology, is solidifying its position in the UK water treatment market.

Doosan Heavy announced on August 16th that its UK subsidiary Doosan Enpure had recently been awarded the contract for the Guildford Sewage Treatment Works Relocation project by Thames Water, UK’s largest water and wastewater services company. Doosan Enpure partnered with BAM Nuttall to form a consortium for the project in which it will be participating as the main contractor. The project is valued to be approximately KRW 180 billion.

The Doosan Enpure consortium will be demolishing the existing sewage treatment works in Guildford, which lies southwest of London, and will be replacing it with a new sewage treatment facility built at a nearby site, one that is equipped with upgraded sewage and sludge treatment capabilities. Doosan Enpure will be taking on the overall engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning work. The project is scheduled to be completed by late 2026.

“This is truly significant as it is the first time we are participating as a main contractor for a project ordered by Thames Water, which is UK’s largest water and wastewater services company,” said Inwon Park, CEO of Doosan Heavy’s Plant EPC Business Group. He added, “We aim to successfully carry out the project by leveraging Doosan’s superior sewage treatment technology and will be using this as a basis to strengthen our foothold in the constantly growing global water treatment market.”

In 2019, Doosan Enpure was selected as a contractor for the AMP (Asset Management Plan) framework, a UK government-led fixed-term initiative. Through the initiative, the company is endeavoring to win more orders in this sector by engaging in numerous projects, such as the expansion and renovation of water and wastewater facilities in Yorkshire and the Midlands, in the years leading up to 2025.

Existing sewage treatment facility in Guildford, which lies southwest of London (Doosan Enpure to perform demolition and relocation of facility by 2026)