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Doosan Heavy and Korea Southern Power Teaming Up for Korea’s First Green Hydrogen Gas Turbine Demo Project

2021. 11. 01

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- Cooperation agreement signed to pursue “Demonstration Project for Local Technology-Based, Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Power Plant”
- “Aiming to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality and promoting hydrogen economy”

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction announced on October 29th that it had signed a cooperation agreement with Korean Southern Power (KOSPO) on jointly implementing a “Demonstration Project for Local Technology-Based, Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Power Plant.” The signing ceremony, which was held at the Bundang Doosan Tower, was attended by key figures from both companies, including KOSPO President & CEO Seung Woo Lee and Doosan Heavy’s President & COO Yeonin Jung.

With the signing of this agreement, Doosan will be pursuing the development of a 100% hydrogen-fueled combustor and hydrogen gas turbine using local technology and will seek to secure the technology for mass producing the parts. KOSPO plans to build a combined cycle hydrogen power plant with a 100% hydrogen-fueled combustor. Particular focus will be placed on strengthening cooperation for implementing a hydrogen supply infrastructure. The two companies will also be collaborating on converting the existing gas turbine of the combined cycle power plant currently operated by KOSPO into a hydrogen-fueled turbine. This will be the first demonstration project being pursued in Korea for a green hydrogen gas turbine.

A hydrogen-fueled turbine is a key component of a combined cycle hydrogen power plant that is run on hydrogen or a hydrogen-LNG fuel mix. Doosan Heavy, which became the fifth company in the world to accomplish the feat of successfully developing a gas turbine for power generation in 2019, is currently working on the development of a carbon-free, 100% hydrogen-fueled turbine. The development of a dual-fuel hydrogen gas turbine run on a hydrogen-LNG fuel mix will also be pursued during the interim stages of this initiative.

“By implementing a 100% green hydrogen-fueled turbine in power plants, not only will we be able to achieve carbon neutrality, but we will also be contributing to the promotion of a hydrogen economy,” said Yeonin Jung, Doosan Heavy’s President & COO. He added, “Working together with KOSPO, we will endeavor to successfully execute this demonstration project.”

In the meantime, Doosan Heavy is also working on the construction of a hydrogen liquefaction plant, one with the daily capacity to produce 5 tons of liquefied hydrogen. As reflected in the company’s participation in projects like the government-led project for a 5MW 100% hydrogen-fueled turbine in May 2020, the company is actively venturing into the hydrogen production and hydrogen-fueled power generation business.

KOSPO President Seung Woo Lee (left) and Doosan Heavy President Yeonin Jung pose for a photo after signing the cooperation agreement for the “Demo Project for Local Technology-Based, Eco-Friendly Hydrogen Power Plant” at Bundang Doosan Tower on Oct. 29.