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Doosan Heavy Signs Long Term Service Agreement for Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind Farm

2022. 03. 03

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- KRW 180 billion contract to provide O&M service for 20 years on 18 wind turbines that are to be built by 2024
- Application of locally manufactured offshore wind turbines expected to enable swift response to clients’ demands, including O&M needs

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction announced on March 3rd that it had signed a long term service agreement with Korea Midland Power(KOMIPO) on providing operation & maintenance(O&M) services for the Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind Farm.

The Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind Farm project is being pursued for the development of Korea’s largest offshore wind farm near the waters of Hallim Port, which is located in the northwestern part of Jeju island. The project is owned by Jeju Hallim Offshore Wind Power Company, which was formed by Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO), Korea Midland Power(KOMIPO), Hyundai Engineering & Construction(Hyundai E&C) and KEPCO E&C. The EPC work will be performed jointly by Hyundai E&C, KEPCO E&C and Korea Leading Energy Management(KLEM) for the project.

With the signing of this service agreement, Doosan Heavy will be providing O&M services on the wind turbines installed at the wind farm over a period of 20 years once construction is completed in 2024. The contract is valued to be approximately KRW 180 billion. Prior to this, Doosan had signed a 100 MW-scale supplier agreement last year that involved manufacturing and installing 18 units of 5.5MW wind turbines together with KEPCO E&C.

“Backed by our accomplishments of successfully supplying and operating wind turbines for the Jeju Tamra Offshore Wind Farm and Southwest Offshore Wind Farm, we were able to also win the O&M service agreement for the Hallim Offshore Wind Farm soon after winning the supplier agreement for this project,” said Hongook Park, CEO of Doosan Heavy’s Power Services Business Group. He remarked, “By leveraging our strong track record and applying Korea’s largest offshore wind turbine, the 8MW model, which is currently undergoing a demonstration run, Doosan plans to further solidify its position as Korea’s leading offshore wind power company.”

As the parts for Doosan’s offshore wind turbines are mostly supplied locally, this provides the advantage of being able to swiftly procure the necessary components and as a remote operations center is in place to provide 24-hour monitoring services for all the wind farms currently operating in Korea, this enables the delivery of a swift response to customer needs. In addition, Doosan is applying various information & communications technology to support the optimization of inventory management, and by promptly addressing any errors that occur, the company boasts of a high operating rate, one that far surpasses the guaranteed rate.

Doosan currently owns 3MW and 5.5MW offshore wind turbine models and once the commissioning process is completed for the 8MW model, this model will also be commercially launched after obtaining international certification.

Photo.  Southwest Offshore Demonstration Wind Farm (60MW) to which Doosan equipment was supplied.