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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Changing Its Name to “Doosan Enerbility”

2022. 03. 10

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- Resolution reached at BoD meeting with plans for finalization at shareholders meeting
- New name “Doosan Enerbility” coined by combining words “energy” and “sustainability”
- “Renaming being pursued in alignment with changes in business environment and to reflect company’s future aspirations”

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction is changing its company name. The resolution was recently reached at the company’s Board of Directors meeting on March 8th to have the company renamed as “Doosan Enerbility.” The renaming of the company will be finalized at the upcoming general shareholders meeting on March 29th.

The name “Enerbility” was newly coined by combining the words “energy” and “sustainability” as a portrayal of the company’s aspirations to enable the achievement of sustainability with the company’s energy technologies. The intent was to create a name that embodies the company’s core business values, one that expresses the company’s commitment to enriching people’s lives and making Earth a cleaner planet with its energy technologies.

“We felt that the current name does not adequately reflect our company’s status quo, nor does it portray the future direction we are pursuing,” said a source from Doosan. The person added, “We decided to rename the company so that the name is more aligned with the changing business environment and a better reflection of our company’s future aspirations.”

Doosan Heavy is now actively pursuing the gas turbine, hydrogen energy, offshore wind power and SMR businesses as its new growth drivers and is also actively expanding into new areas like the 3D printing, digital technology and waste-to-energy(WtE) businesses.

The company remarked, “We came up with the name Doosan Enerbility after getting input from external experts and performing internal reviews, where we examined the proposed names from various aspects, such as scalability for encompassing a wide variety of businesses, global appropriateness from the linguistic aspect and uniqueness in providing a clear distinctive identity distinguishable from that of others.”

This new name change comes after 21 years of using the current name “Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction,” the origin of which can be traced back to 2001 when the company, formerly known as Korea Heavy Industries & Construction, was renamed. Under its newly coined name, the company is aiming to embark on a new journey this year, one that will enable the company to make a new leap forward.

The corporate identity design of the new company name "Doosan Enerbility" which is to be finalized at the upcoming general shareholders meeting on March 29