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Doosan Enerbility Attends “POWERGEN International 2022” in the U.S.

2022. 05. 24

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- North American gas turbine & hydrogen gas turbine market being targeted together with Korean local gas turbine players
- Local and global customers invited to promotion event in an effort to expand gas turbine services business

Doosan Enerbility announced on May 24 that it is attending the “POWERGEN International 2022” which is being held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas from May 23-25 (local time). The POWERGEN International (“PGI”) is the world’s largest energy and power generation exhibition that is held every year in the United States.

Doosan Enerbility plans to actively promote its large gas turbine model used for power generation and the hydrogen gas turbine that is currently being developed as part of a national project. Promotion videos and demonstration models will be set up to introduce the 270MW gas turbine of Korea Western Power’s Gimpo Combined Heat & Power Plant, the deployment of which was pursued collaboratively by the Korean gas turbine sector, as well as the upgraded version of the 380MW gas turbine model and hydrogen gas turbine model.

On the first day of the exhibition, May 23, Doosan Enerbility held an event to which both local and international customers were invited, one at which the company announced its plans to pursue expansion of the services business for the F- class* gas turbine, the most widely used gas turbine model in North America. Since 2018, Doosan Enerbility has been engaged in a national project that involves re-engineering key components of the F-class gas turbine, specifically the hot parts and control system, one that is being pursued through industry-academia-research sector collaboration with parties such as Korea Lost-Wax, Sungil Turbine P&S and Hanul Aerospace & Machinery. With support being subsequently provided by Korea Southern Power (KOSPO) and Korea Western Power (KOWEPO) on demonstration of the local manufacturing of the gas turbine parts, steps are now being taken for commercialization.
* Gas turbine model with a turbine inlet temperature of approximately 1300-1400℃.

Backed by this development, Doosan Enerbility’s U.S.-based subsidiary Doosan Turbomachinery Services, which specializes in gas turbine services, plans to expand its existing business scope from that of gas turbine repair services to a full suite of services that includes supplying the control system and essential hot parts of F-class gas turbines and extending the life cycle of rotors.

“By using this exhibition to actively promote the competitiveness of South Korea’s gas turbines, something that was achieved through the collaborative efforts of Korea’s gas turbine sector, we will do our utmost to see that this leads to new orders for us in the future,” said Yeonin Jung, President and COO of Doosan Enerbility. He added, “By working together with the domestic gas turbine industry, academia and research sector, we aim to further raise the share of locally manufactured components, which is currently over 90%, to an ever higher rate, thereby contributing to the promotion of Korea’s gas turbine industry which includes our 340 partner companies.”

Since 2020, Doosan Enerbility has been participating in a national project involving the development of a combustor for hydrogen gas turbines. The company aims to develop a 50%-hydrogen dual-fuel model by 2025 and a 100% hydrogen-fueled turbine model by 2027.

Photo. View of Doosan Enerbility exhibition at “POWERGEN International 2022” held at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas on May 23 (local time)