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Doosan Enerbility Expands into Field of Digital Technology Application for Chemical Process Plants

2022. 08. 26

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- "MoU on Cooperation for the Digital and Hydrogen Business" signed with industrial gas provider Deokyang Co., Ltd.

Doosan Enerbility is expanding its business reach by leveraging its digital solutions expertise, acquired from its years of power plant experience at home and abroad, to be applied to the field of chemical process plants.

On August 26th, Doosan Enerbility announced that it had signed a “MoU on Cooperation for the Digital and Hydrogen Business” with Deokyang Co., Ltd, a producer of industrial gas including hydrogen. In attendance at the MoU signing ceremony held at the Bundang Doosan Tower were Yongjin Song, CSO of Doosan Enerbility, and James Kim, CEO of Deokyang, among others.

As Korea’s largest hydrogen producer and supplier, Deokyang’s supply accounts for approximately 40% of the industrial hydrogen gas distribution in Korea and 12% of the domestic carbonic acid market.

Through the signing of the MoU, Doosan Enerbility’s digital technologies and Deokyang’s chemical process plant operating expertise will be brought together as part of the joint efforts to build a digital platform. Application of optimized solutions like the prediction & diagnostics solution, plant optimizer and digital twin solution to the chemical process plants is expected to lead to various beneficial results, such as minimization of waste from industrial plants, reduction of costs and improvement of the plant operating rate. Furthermore, the two parties also agreed on establishing a comprehensive cooperative framework in the areas of hydrogen production, distribution and utilization.

“Through our digital technology projects, Doosan Enerbility has demonstrated its technological prowess, which was verified over the years at numerous domestic and global power plant projects, and by doing so, we have steadily built trust with our customers,” said Yongjin Song, Doosan Enerbility’s CSO. He added, “With the signing of this MoU, we aim to demonstrate that our digital solutions are widely applicable to various industries, not only the power generation sector, and we will endeavor to do our best to expand into more diverse business fields.”

Since 2013, Doosan Enerbility has been operating the “Digital Innovation” organization, which consists of the Data Analytics Team and Digital Solutions Team. The organization has developed advanced digital solutions such as PreVision, an early alarm system for power plants, which have been applied to power plants at both home and abroad, leading to improved reliability and efficiency of the power plants.

Doosan Enerbility CSO Yongjin Song (on the right) and Deokyang CEO James Kim pose for a photo at the signing ceremony for the “MoU on Cooperation for the Digital and Hydrogen Business” held at the Bundang Doosan Tower on Aug. 26th.Doosan Enerbility CSO Yongjin Song (fifth from the left) and Deokyang CEO James Kim (fourth from the left) pose for a group photo with related parties at the MoU signing ceremony held at the Bundang Doosan Tower on Aug. 26th.