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Doosan Enerbility and E1 Team Up for Clean Hydrogen and Ammonia Business

2022. 10. 24

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-MoU signed on cooperation for clean hydrogen & ammonia business
-Synergy expected from combining Doosan Enerbility’s hydrogen technology with E1’s infrastructure and distribution business capabilities

Doosan Enerbility announced on October 24th that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with E1 Corporation on cooperation for the clean hydrogen and ammonia business. In attendance at the MoU signing ceremony that was held at the Bundang Doosan Tower in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province were Inwon Park, CEO of Doosan Enerbility’s Plant EPC Business Group and Donghwi Koo, COO of E1’s New Growth Business Unit, among others.

With the signing of this MoU, the two companies will be entering into a strategic partnership covering the entire value chain, including the production, storage, transportation and utilization of clean hydrogen and ammonia. A consultative body for securing and pursuing related business opportunities will also be formed.

Doosan Enerbility will be providing the core technologies needed to pursue businesses such as those related to the hydrogen & natural gas-blended hydrogen gas turbines which generate less carbon emissions, water electrolysis which involves production of hydrogen through electricity-driven water splitting, and ammonia cracking which is the process of extracting hydrogen through decomposition of ammonia. Doosan will also be leveraging its EPC capabilities to devise the most optimal method for setting up and operating infrastructure.

E1 will be contributing to the partnership by using its expertise in the areas of LPG storage, transportation and supply infrastructure and the distribution business to identify demand for hydrogen and explore methods of clean hydrogen and ammonia distribution in order to establish an optimal supply chain.

“We find it truly meaningful to be entering into a partnership with the eco-friendly energy company E1, as we expect this partnership will help us usher in the era of clean hydrogen and ammonia,” said Inwon Park, CEO of Doosan Enerbility’s Plant EPC BG. “Using the synergy created by combining the two companies’ technical expertise and infrastructure, we will make all-out efforts to contribute to the widespread adoption of clean hydrogen and the achievement of carbon neutrality.”

Donghwi Koo, COO of E1, remarked, “By entering into a partnership with Doosan Enerbility, a company that holds unrivalled EPC capabilities in the energy and power generation sector, we expect to achieve mutually beneficial win-win results for both sides.” He added, “This will pave the way to the era of clean hydrogen and ammonia.”

Doosan Enerbility became a holder of proprietary technology for gas turbines when it succeeded in developing a large industrial gas turbine for power generation in 2019. Backed by this accomplishment, since 2020 the company has been engaged in a state-led project involving the development of a combustor for hydrogen gas turbines. Development efforts are picking up pace in order to meet the targets of developing a 50% hydrogen dual-fuel gas turbine by 2025 and a 100% hydrogen-fueled gas turbine by 2027.

 Inwon Park, CEO of Doosan Enerbility’s Plant EPC BG(on the right) and Donghwi Koo, COO  of E1’s New Growth Business Unit, pose for a photo at the MoU signing ceremony for “Cooperation on Clean Hydrogen and Ammonia Adoption & Utilization,” which was held at the Bundang Doosan Tower on Oct. 24th.