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Doosan Enerbility Issues the “2023 Integrated Report”

2023. 07. 21

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- Business Calendar included to provide overview of last year’s performance
- GHG emissions data disclosure scope widened to include sources of indirect emissions, in addition to emissions from business sites

On July 21st, Doosan Enerbility announced that it had issued the “2023 Integrated Report” containing its annual business performance and sustainability activities carried out over the past one year.

Doosan Enerbility has been issuing the Integrated Report, a report presenting the company’s commitment to sustainability and its financial and non-financial performance, as a means of communicating with stakeholders such as the shareholders and customers. The company slogan “Energy Toward Sustainability,” which encompasses the meaning of the newly coined company name, was adopted as the official title of the report.

This year’s report contains the 2022 Business Calendar, providing an overview of the accomplishments achieved by the company in the following four areas of business identified as new growth drivers – gas turbines for which the transition to hydrogen gas turbines is currently underway, next generation nuclear power plants including small modular reactors (SMRs), renewable energy including offshore wind power, and the hydrogen energy business.

Doosan Enerbility has also widened the data disclosure scope for its greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions. In the report issued this year, the scope of data disclosure was widened for the first time to include not only Scope 1 and 2* direct and indirect GHG emissions generated at the company’s business sites, but also Scope 3 other indirect GHG emissions generated outside the business sites and for which third party verification was completed. The Scope 3 data verification was carried out on data that was divided into five categories, among which were the categories of capital goods, employee time & attendance and business trips.

* Scope 1: Direct GHG emissions generated at the company’s business sites by the use of fossil fuels
Scope 2: Indirect GHG emissions generated by sources, such as electricity and steam, used at the company’s business sites
Scope 3: All indirect GHG emissions that were generated as a consequence of activities carried out by the company across the value chain

“Doosan Enerbility is applying the ESG business philosophy to its business, starting with its decision-making processes, in order to achieve sustainable growth and create social value,” said Dongchul Kim, Senior Vice President of Doosan Enerbility. He added, “We plan to continuously include worthwhile ESG performance data and other meaningful data in our Integrated Report in order to proactively communicate with the various stakeholders.”

The Integrated Report can be viewed on the Doosan Enerbility company website under the menu titled “Sustainability.”

Image showing the cover page of Doosan Enerbility’s 2023 Integrated Report