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Doosan Enerbility to Pursue Cooperation with Korea Western Power on Upgrading Korea’s Homegrown Power Generation Technology

2023. 09. 18

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- MOU signed on technology exchanges & cooperation for Gimpo CHP Plant and Taean IGCC Power Plant
- “Korea Western Power’s strong commitment made it possible to expedite Korea’s first gas turbine IGCC demonstration project”

Doosan Enerbility will be pursuing cooperation with Korea Western Power (KOWEPO) on the upgrading of Korea’s homegrown power generation technology and optimization of power plants.

On September 18th, Doosan Enerbility announced that it had recently signed a memorandum of understanding with KOWEPO, titled the “MOU on Technology Exchanges & Cooperation for Gimpo CHP Plant Stability and Taean IGCC Power Plant Maintenance.”  In attendance at the signing ceremony that was held on September 15th at the Bundang Doosan Tower in Gyeonggi-do were the key related parties, including Hyung Duck Park, President & CEO of KOWEPO, and Yeonin Jung, President & COO of Doosan Enerbility.

At the signing ceremony that day, the two companies agreed to cooperate on pursuing the optimization of the Gimpo Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Plant and Taean IGCC* Power Plant.  KOWEPO, as the operator of the two power plants, will be sharing the operating data for each plant, and Doosan Enerbility will be using this as a basis to secure performance and stability for the power plants.* IGCC: Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle

“Owing to KOWEPO’s strong commitment to achieve the upgrading of Korea’s power generation technology, we were able to secure the opportunity to perform demonstration projects on technologies jointly developed by Doosan Enerbility with the local industry, academia and research sectors, such as  gas turbines and IGCC power plants,” said Yeonin Jung, Doosan Enerbility’s President & COO.  “Doosan Enerbility aims to continuously provide the power plant operators with improved technologies and services to contribute to not only the exporting of Korea’s power generation technology, but also in promoting the Korean domestic power industry in general.”

In case of the Gimpo CHP Plant, which holds Korea’s first locally-made gas turbine developed by Doosan Enerbility, the plant went into commercial operation this past July.  As for the Taean IGCC Power Plant, this went into commercial operation in 2016 and was developed as a state-led R&D project that was the first of its kind to be pursued in Korea, with participation from multiple parties, including KOWEPO, Doosan Enerbility and number of  Korean local research institutes and universities.

KOWEPO President & CEO Hyung Duck Park (on the left) and Doosan Enerbility President & COO Yeonin Jung pose for a photo after signing the “MOU on Technology Exchanges & Cooperation for Gimpo CHP Plant Stability and Taen IGCC Power Plant Maintenance” at the Bundang Doosan Tower on Sept. 15th.