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Doosan Enerbility to Supply Carbon-Free Energy Solutions to Thailand

2024. 01. 29

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- “MOU for CCUS and Carbon-Free Energy Solutions” signed with Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand
- South Korea’s Ministry of Environment to provide administrative & financial support to facilitate adoption of Korea’s CCUS and carbon-free energy technology in Thailand

Doosan Enerbility will be pursuing the supply of carbon-free energy solutions, such as CCUS*, ammonia co-firing, renewable and hydrogen energy technology, to Thailand.*CCUS: Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage

On January 29th, Doosan Enerbility announced that it had signed a “Memorandum of Understanding on Collaboration for Joint Study of CCUS and Carbon-Free Energy Solutions” with the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT)*. In attendance at the signing ceremony which was held in Thailand were members from the South Korean Ministry of Environment(MOE), including Hwanjin Chung, MOE’s Global Green Project Team Director, along with Thidade Eiamsai, Deputy Governor of EGAT, and Jungkwan Kim, Chief Marketing Officer of Doosan Enerbility.* EGAT: State-run electricity company that generates and supplies 33% of the electricity used in Thailand (as of Nov. 2023)

With the signing of this MOU, the two companies agreed to not only cooperate on applying the CCUS technology to power plants currently operational in Thailand, but to also establish a comprehensive partnership framework aimed at adoption of carbon-free energy solutions, such as ammonia co-firing, renewable and hydrogen energy technologies.

“We will spare no efforts on providing administrative and financial support to help Doosan Enerbility gain global competitiveness for their CCUS and carbon-free energy technologies and effectively penetrate the global market,” said Director Chung of MOE’s Global Green Project Team, one of the attendees at the event.

Doosan Enerbility’s CMO Jungkwan Kim remarked, “Doosan Enerbility’s carbon-free energy solutions, such as the CCUS and ammonia co-firing technologies, will be an optimal solution that is in alignment with the CCUS roadmap envisioned by EGAT.” He added, “In addition to this MOU, we look forward to collaborating actively with Thailand on more of the various eco-friendly energy projects being pursued within the country.”

Doosan Enerbility is also picking up the pace for commercialization of the CCUS technology in Korea. In 2021, Doosan had signed a technology transfer agreement for wet amine carbon capture technology with KEPCO Research Institute (KEPRI), and application of this technology is currently being reviewed for the Changwon Hydrogen Liquefaction Plant, which is soon to begin commercial operation.

Attendees pose for a group photo at the “MOU Signing Ceremony for CCUS and Carbon-Free Energy Solutions” held in Thailand on Jan. 29. (From left to right) Thidade Eiamsai, EGAT Deputy Governor; Hwanjin Chung, MOE Global Green Project Team Director; Jungkwan Kim, CMO of Doosan Enerbility.