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Doosan Enerbility Wins Power Plant Fuel Conversion Project in Chile

2024. 05. 21

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- Coal-to-natural gas conversion project commissioned by independent power producer Engie Energia Chile S.A.
- Expected to lead to reduction of carbon dioxide by approx. 40% and nitrogen oxide by 70%

Doosan Enerbility announced on May 21st that it had been awarded a project by the Chilean independent power producer Engie Energia Chile S.A. for the fuel conversion of a thermal power plant in Chile.

The project entails converting the fuel used at the 375MW Infraestructura Energética Mejillones(IEM) power plant in Chile from coal to natural gas. For the fuel conversion, Doosan Enerbility will be installing burners and auxiliary systems made by Doosan itself, ultimately leading to the creation of a natural gas-fired power plant with the same generation capacity as before.

In line with Chile’s environmental regulations and the Engie Group’s carbon neutrality policy, the plant will continue to be operated using the existing method until 2025. Then, short construction work will be carried out over a period of about six months, which is expected to lead to around a 40 percent reduction of carbon dioxide(CO2) and a 70 percent reduction of nitrogen oxide(NOX).

”Compared to building a new power plant, converting the fuel of existing power plants is an economical low-carbon solution, as we can minimize the plant shutdown time and make maximum use of existing equipment to save on costs,” said Seungwoo Sohn, CEO of Doosan Enerbility’s Power Services Business Group. “We are committed to doing our best on the project to ensure that our client can be provided with a stable power supply.”

Doosan Enerbility has been continuously engaging in such fuel conversion work for power plants, as can be seen from the agreements signed with three Vietnamese power companies last year on eco-friendly fuel conversion projects.View of the 375MW IEM power plant located in Mejillones, Antofagasta in northern Chile.