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Philippine’s Leading Electric Power Distributor Meralco Chairman Visits Doosan Enerbility

2024. 06. 26

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- Meralco, the utility company that accounts for 55% of Philippine’s electricity output, covering 39 cities and 72 municipalities
- Cooperation to be strengthened in the areas of nuclear power, SMRs, combined cycle power plants and gas turbines for the Philippines

Doosan Enerbility announced on June 26th that Manuel Velez Pangilinan, Chairman & CEO of Philippine’s largest electric distribution company Meralco, had paid a visit to Doosan’s Changwon headquarters, along with key members of his management team. The visit was arranged in an effort to bolster the comprehensive partnership between the two companies on energy projects being pursued by Doosan Enerbility in the Philippines. Doosan Enerbility’s Vice Chairman & COO Yeonin Jung and Chief Marketing Officer Jungkwan Kim were there as the welcoming party to greet the guests.

Meralco was founded in 1903 and is currently Philippines largest private sector electric distribution utility company, covering 39 cities and 72 municipalities in the Philippines and accounting for approximately 55 percent of the country’s total electricity output. The foundation for the two companies’ partnership had initially been laid when Doosan Enerbility’s Vice Chairman Yeonin Jung met with Meralco’s Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan last year in the Philippines.

The Meralco team toured Doosan’s nuclear shop, where the Korean-standard APR1400 reactor’s main components are manufactured, as well as the gas turbine shop, where the 380MW ultra-large gas turbines for power plants are built, and the forging shop which houses the world’s largest 17,000-ton forging press, all of which demonstrated Doosan Enerbility’s manufacturing prowess. The two companies plan to strengthen cooperation mainly in the areas of nuclear power, including the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant which has yet to be completed for construction, as well as in the areas of SMRs, combined cycle power plants and gas turbines.

“It is truly significant that the key management members of Meralco, Philippines’ largest electricity supplier, have come to visit us here in Changwon to get a first-hand view of Doosan’s manufacturing capabilities,” said Yeonin Jung, Doosan Enerbility’s Vice Chairman & COO. “Based on this partnership with Meralco, we look forward to contributing to not only Philippine’s electricity supply and demand situation, but also to the attainment of the greenhouse gas reduction target.”

Doosan Enerbility has been stepping up its marketing efforts in the Philippines in an effort to expand its reach in the Philippine local market. In 2022, Doosan had the honor of being the only Korean company to be invited to the inauguration ceremony of the President of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. Following this, in 2023, Doosan Enerbility was provided with the opportunity to introduce its Korean-standard gas turbine and hydrogen turbine products to a group of potential customers in Manila, which included members from the Philippines’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Meralco and the infrastructure developer Aboitiz. As the Philippines uses the same frequency 60Hz as Korea, this makes it all the more convenient to pursue the exports of Korean-made gas turbines to the Philippines.Manuel V. Pangilinan (on the right), Chairman & CEO of Philippines’ largest electric power distributor Meralco, listens to Doosan Enerbility Vice Chairman & COO Yeonin Jung’s introduction of the Doosan business.Manuel V. Pangilinan (6th from the right),  Chairman of Philippines’ electric power company Meralco who came to visit Doosan Enerbility’s Changwon headquarters poses for a group photo with Doosan Enerbility’s Vice Chairman Yeonin Jung (6th from the left) and Chief Marketing Officer Jungkwan Kim (5th from the left).