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Doosan Enerbility Signs Contract to Supply 380MW K-Gas Turbine to Bundang Power Plant

2024. 07. 01

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- Contract worth KRW 260bn signed with Korea South-East Power to supply components for Bundang Power Plant Block 1 Modernization Project
- Korea’s locally developed ultra-large gas turbine recognized for its technological excellence and rapidly extending reach in domestic market

Doosan Enerbility is on a winning streak as it recently won another contract to supply the main components for a combined cycle power plant, including its gas turbine developed using homegrown technology.

On July 1st, Doosan Enerbility announced that it had signed a supplier agreement valued to be KRW 260 billion with Korea South-East Power Co. (KOEN) to supply the main components for the Bundang Combined Cycle Power Plant Block 1 modernization project.

KOEN is pursuing modernization of the Bundang Combined Cycle Power Plant Blocks 1 and 2, a power plant that was built in two stages, first in 1993, followed by the second phase in 1997. The modernization work will involve converting the power plant to a high-efficiency, eco-friendly power plant. Doosan Enerbility will be delivering a 380MW H-class* ultra-large** gas turbine, a steam turbine and heat supply facilities to the Bundang Power Plant Block 1 by March 2028.* High-efficiency turbine model with a turbine inlet temperature in the range of 1500℃ or higher** Gas turbines can be categorized by its generation capacity into small-size (20~99.9MW), mid-size (100~214.9MW), large-size (215~299.9MW) and ultra-large (300MW+) turbines (Source: McCoy Report)

”A growing number of orders are coming in for our K-gas turbines that were jointly developed by some 340 parties in South Korea’s local industry, academia and research sectors,” said Seungwoo Sohn, CEO of Doosan Enerbility’s Power Services Business Group. “We aim to deliver the best of products to ensure that KOEN, which has played a huge role in reviving Korea’s gas turbine industry, can provide a stable supply of heat and electricity.”

In 2019, Doosan Enerbility had signed the contract to supply Korea’s first locally-developed gas turbine to the Gimpo Combined Heat & Power(CHP) Plant. Backed by this accomplishment, the company clinched several deals thereafter to supply the main components for domestic power plants, such as the supplier agreement signed last year for the Boryeong New Combined Cycle Power Plant and the agreement signed this past January to supply main components, including a 380MW gas turbine, to the Andong Combined Cycle Power Plant. Doosan Enerbility plans to step up its efforts for continued business growth, with the target being to secure over KRW 7 trillion worth of new gas turbine orders in the domestic market over the next five years.Aerial view of Bundang Combined Cycle Power Plant (Provided by KOEN)