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Doosan Enerbility Invites Nuclear Power Partners to “K-Nuclear Power Technology Supporters” Event

2024. 07. 04

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- ”K-Nuclear Power Technology Supporters” launched last year to provide technical support to partners via regularly held technology exchanges
- Actively seeking to raise competitiveness of domestic nuclear power sector to win more orders in global market

”The creation of world-class nuclear power plants all starts at your fingertips,” remarked Yeonin Jung, Doosan Enerbility’s Vice Chairman & COO, as he expressed words of appreciation to the engineers from Doosan’s partners in the nuclear manufacturing field for their hard work, while also asking for their cooperation on further enhancing the quality of products.

Doosan Enerbility announced on July 4th that it had recently held a gathering with its partners in the nuclear manufacturing sector as part of the events planned for the “K-Nuclear Power Technology Supporters” which had been launched last year. The gathering which had been held the prior day on July 3rd was held at Doosan Enerbility’s Changwon headquarters, with 18 engineers and 3 senior management members from Doosan’s major partners in attendance as guests, along with Doosan Enerbility’s Vice Chairman Yeonin Jung, Doosan Enerbility’s Nuclear Business Group CEO Jongdoo Kim and three of Doosan’s technology meisters from the welding, processing and non-destructive testing(NDT) fields.* Ghusang Precision, Kyungsung Junggi Co., Kyoungsung Eisen, Gumkwang Tech Co., Daseong EMC, Daehan Heavy Machinery Co., Bumsung Precision, Sambu Precision, SamHong Machinery, CERA Precision Industries Co., SE-AN Precision Machinery Co.,Youngjin Techwin, EUROTECH Co., U-Chang Industries, Nuclear Business Doo,LTD, GS Heavy Industries, Hyunsung Precision, HyunSeung G&T

The event was divided into several sessions – the sharing of best practices for quality improvement, an awards ceremony for outstanding engineers, and a session for hearing the grievances of partner companies’ engineers. Afterwards, time was specially arranged for the engineers from the partner companies and Doosan Enerbility to have a technology exchange, followed by a site tour to the Saeul Nuclear Power Plant Unit 4 construction site, which is scheduled for completion next year. This provided the partner companies with an opportune chance to get a firsthand view of the installation of their products.

“It was great being provided with this opportunity to have a technology exchange among the site engineers,” said Intae Ryu from Youngjin Techwin. “This site tour was a truly meaningful time for us, as we were able to see for ourselves how the product of our hard work has been put to good use. We will endeavor to provide products of even more superior quality in the future.”

”I would like to express my deepest appreciation to the engineers from our partners in nuclear manufacturing for all your hard work. It is owing to your collective efforts that the competitiveness of our nuclear power industry is growing,” said Vice Chairman Yeonin Jung. “By maintaining this technological cooperation far into the future, let us work together to deliver products of even greater quality, so that we may win a greater number of contracts in the global nuclear power market.”

Doosan Enerbility launched the “K-Nuclear Power Technology Supporters” last year as part of its efforts to strengthen the competitiveness of the nuclear manufacturing business. This involves having those recognized as technology meisters at Doosan Enerbility share their expertise and experience directly with the engineers of partner companies. Other various services tailored to partner’s needs are also offered year-round, such as “quality consulting for partners,” “training on case studies of quality failures” and “safety & quality management-related talks.”On July 3, Doosan Enerbility Vice Chairman Yeonin Jung (2nd from the right) stands before the Doosan Enerbility Technology Meisters’ handprint plaques in Changwon while engaging in conversation with engineers from partner companies. (From the right) Bumsung Precision’s Jihyung Hwang, Doosan Enerbility’s Vice Chairman Yeonin Jung, Nuclear Quality Mgmt Team 2’s Seungdo Son, Youngjin Techwin’s Intae RyuOn July 3, Doosan Enerbility’s Seungdo Son (on the right) engages in conversation with Intae Ryu of Youngjin Techwin at Doosan Enerbility’s Nuclear Shop. On July 3, attendees of the event held for partners in nuclear manufacturing pose for a group photo at Doosan Enerbility’s Changwon headquarters.