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Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Stages “Relay” Volunteer Service by Visiting Farming Villages, Coastal Areas

2017. 06. 22

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- Company engages in heartwarming sharing campaign through talent donation activities in sister villages under the “1 company, 7 villages” sisterhood relationship
- Conducts large-scale volunteer service to clean the environment in Masan Bay ahead of the 22nd Oceans Day

  • □ This is the house of an elderly woman who lives all alone, and we are here to personally fix the old electrical wiring in her house. We feel it all the more rewarding to carry out volunteer activities in this village, with which our company has a sisterhood relationship.

  • □ This event took place at Chungi Village in the town of Bubuk-myeon, Miryang City, South Gyeongsang Province on May 27 when the weather was prematurely hot, much like a summer day. A group of Doosan volunteers including executives and staff members clad in uniforms visited the home of 85-year-old Mal-sun Kim.

  • □ Since forming a sisterhood relationship, Doosan and Chungi Village have continuously engaged in exchanges, including volunteer activities to help out with farming, the selling of pears, a specialty produce of the village, to the company’s employees, and arranging villagers’ visits to the company. The company learned from the village people that the electrical wiring at aged households was in poor condition, so the Doosan executives and staff members rolled up their sleeves to help out. Joining in the volunteer activities that day was Jin Han-yong, head of Doosan’s labor union who was appointed as the first “Honorary Village Head” in South Gyeongsang Province last year.

  • □ The Doosan Volunteers Club, including Mr. Jin, skillfully inspected the electrical wiring conditions at Ms.Kim’s house and cut out electrical wires that were in particular disarray. Then, they reconnected the wiring with new wires that they had brought and replaced light bulbs hanging perilously in the kitchen and the tip of the roof with power-efficient LED lights.

  • □ “I thought it was bothersome, and I could not afford to fix the facilities because it could be a burden to my children. I feel very grateful to the Doosan employees who are like my sons for personally fixing my home,” a smiling Ms. Kim said.
    More than 80 members of the Doosan Volunteers Club participated in the upgrading of the electrical wiring in three households, including Ms. Kim’s, and repainted old walls and houses of the elderly in the village, as part of the “Clean House” volunteer service campaign that day.
    Earlier on May 23, the Doosan Volunteers Club carried out heartwarming volunteer activities at Gami Village in the town of Yongdeok-myeon, Uiryeong County in South Gyeongsang Province. More than 70 executives and staff members, including Vice President Jun-yeon Won, who was named honorary village chief that day, took part in the volunteer activities, such as replacing an aged refrigerator and a kitchen sink at the village hall, repainting village roads and fixing electrical facilities.

  • □ The Doosan employees continued their “relay” volunteer service in the coastal areas as well. They conducted volunteer activities to clean the environment at Masan Bay along Samgui Seashore in Guisan-dong, Changwon City on May 26, five days ahead of the 22nd Oceans Day. This volunteer service program, which has become a flagship joint environment cleaning campaign in the community, is now marking its 11th year. More than 200 people including the Doosan Volunteers Club, officials from Seongsan-gu Office, and civic groups in Changwon took part in the environment cleaning campaign at Masan Bay this year.

  • □ Notably, more than 20 members of the “Diving Club,” an in-house club at Doosan, put on their scuba diving gear and jumped into the water to collect a massive amount of waste and garbage that had been dumped undersea. As part of the efforts to contribute to the “Clean Sea Campaign” that day, Doosan collected more than 30 tons of garbage from the water, as well as waste from fisheries, such as used fishing nets and ropes that had been abandoned on the seashore. The company also mobilized its heavy machinery, including backhoes and dump trucks and waste collecting vehicles, to carry out the cleaning activities.

  • □ Over the course of three days on May 23, 26 and 27, as part of the company’s efforts to give and share with the local community, more than 500 executives and staff members took part in Doosan’s special volunteer program, which was conducted in rural villages with which the company has sisterhood ties, as well as along the coastal areas of Masan Bay.

  • □ “Going forward, as a flagship company of the community, we will continue with our corporate social responsibility activities, fulfill our role as a responsible corporate citizen, and spearhead the campaign to spread the culture of sharing with the underprivileged,” said Doosan President Myungwoo Kim.

  • □ Six divisions of Doosan, including the Turbine/Generator BG and the labor union, had entered into a “one company, seven villages” sisterhood relationship with seven farming villages in Changwon, Goseong, Haman, Uiryeong, and Miryang in 2011. Since then, the company has continuously carried out an exemplary campaign to support farming villages and conducted a large-scale volunteer
    service campaign to clean the environment every year, earning high recognition from the community.