Nuclear Power Plants

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Doosan Enerbility is stepping up its development efforts for spent fuel transportation & storage casks and nuclear decommissioning technology in order to expand its reach in the services market at home and abroad.

Spent Fuel Transportation & Storage Casks

The casks, referred to as “small storage facilities,” use the dry cask storage method to safely store the spent nuclear fuel. Thermal and structural soundness are key requisites of the casks, as they are used to prevent nuclear fission (i.e. criticality achieved) and perform radiation shielding based on the effective storage/sealing of radioactive materials. Backed by our proven engineering and manufacturing expertise, we aim to emerge as the market leader of spent fuel transportation and storage tanks used by the dry cask storage facilities in Korea.

Proven Engineering Expert Offering Diverse Models for Korean Nuclear Power Plants
[Dual Purpose Cask]


[Metal Storage Overpack]



[DSS, Dry Storage System]





* MSO-37 : Undergoing US NRC’s design inspection (Expect to obtain certification in 2022 1H)

First in Korea to Export Casks Overseas & Offer a Variety of Casks
  • Nuclear Fuel Storage Cask for TEPCO (Japan)

  • Nuclear Fuel Storage Cask for TMI (Three Mile Island) Nuclear Power Plant (US)

Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning

Nuclear decommissioning refers to “all activities involved in permanently closing down an aged nuclear power plant and dismantling the facilities/ site or cleaning up radioactive contamination.” The nuclear power plant components eventually become radioactively contaminated over time owing to long-term exposure and thus, safely dismantling the contaminated components is the key to effective nuclear decommissioning. We applied our nuclear power plant services expertise to develop decommissioning technology for key components, such as nuclear reactors and steam generators, and will be leveraging these skillsets to become the leader in the domestic market for nuclear decommissioning and radioactive waste treatment and will endeavor to further expand our reach into international markets.

Nuclear Decommissioning Technology

Insulation Dismantling

Seal Ledge Cutting


Inlet/Outlet Nozzle Cutting

Oxy-Propane Cutting

L-cut & Final Cut Process

Remote Dismantling of Disassembled Parts

Moved to Container for Packaging

Steam Generator Decommissioning Technology