Wind Power Solutions

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After accomplishing the feat of developing Korea’s first on/offshore wind turbine WinDS3000,
Doosan Enerbility developed the WinDS3300 and WinDS5500, and 8MW class large-capacity offshore wind turbine optimized for low wind speed regions was successfully developed and internationally certified at the end of 2022.

Wind Power Model Line-up


  • WinDS3000, 3300 : Suitable for the areas of low wind and applicable to both on/offshore.
  • WinDS5500 : High-efficiency model suitable for the areas with strong wind and specialized for offshore.
  • DS205-8MW : Large capacity model specialized for offshore wind farms in low wind areas
  • Doosan’s standard quality assurance and optimization solution can be applied based on the company’s accumulated experience in the power sector.
Power Curve Power Curve

System Specification

Table by Wind Power Model System Specification
Model Win
* DS205-8MW
(on/offshore) (offshore)
Rated Power 3,000kW 3,300kW 5,560kW 8,000kW
Class S S IB IB
Cut-in Wind Speed 3m/s 3m/s 3.5m/s 3.5m/s
Rated Wind Speed 10m/s 10.7m/s 13m/s 11m/s
Cut-out Wind Speed 20m/s 20m/s 25m/s 25m/s
Rotor Diameter 134m 134m 140m 205m
Extreme Survival Wind Speed 59.5m/s 59.5m/s 70m/s 70m/s

* Estimated