We have restructured the portfolio to focus on core business areas that ensure future growth and maximum profitability.
We are pursuing strategies for stable growth over the long term.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee has elevated the effectiveness and efficiency of our efforts
to raise corporate value through transparent management.

Audit Committee Status

Table by Audit Committee Status
Name Term Profile Remarks
Junho Lee 2019-03-28 ~ 2025-03
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Lawyer, Law Firm, Kim&Chang Auditing Committee
Eunhyung Lee 2023-03-29 ~ 2026-03
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Professor at Kookmin University Business School Auditing Committee
Taehyun Choi 2023-03-29 ~ 2026-03
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Advisor, Law Firm, Kim&Chang Auditing Committee
Eunhang Lee 2024-03-26 ~ 2027-03
Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Tax accountant, Tax Firm Samhwan Chairman of Auditing Committee

Audit Committee Member Selection Process

  • 01 Search Firm

    Develop a pool of candidates for membership of the Audit Committee

  • 02 Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Advisory Committee

    Recommendation of candidates (twice the final number)

  • 03 Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee

    Select outside candidates for director to be appointed as member of the Audit Committee

  • 04 Board of Directors

    Make decision on items recommended members of the Audit Committee.

  • 05 General Shareholders’ Meeting

    Make the final selection of Audit Committee members after decision by the Shareholders’ Meeting

Outside Auditor

Table by Outside Auditor
Name of Company Date of Appointment Contract Period Recent Auditor’s Opinion
KPMG 2023-01 3 year Qualified