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Fair Trade

Compliance Program

Compliance Program(CP) refers to the internal policies and procedures concerning matters like education and supervision that are devised by companies for the purpose of establishing order among the competing companies, who are the principal economic players, and ensuring compliance with the fair trade-related laws and regulations.

Eight Key Criteria of Compliance Program

The eight key criteria of the Fair Trade Commission must be fulfilled in order to be recognized for adoption of the Compliance Program.

  • 01 Development and implementation of compliance standards and procedures
  • 02 CEO’s commitment and support for compliance
  • 03 Designation of a compliance officer to oversee operation of the Compliance Program
  • 04 Establishment and application of compliance guidelines
  • 05 Provision of continuous and systematic compliance training programs
  • 06 Establishment of an internal surveillance system
  • 07 Restrictions on employees who violate the fair trade laws or regulations
  • 08 Efficiency evaluation and corrective action

Operating Organization

The organization responsible for running the Compliance Program is under the control of the CEO and consists of the Compliance Officer,
BG CP Managers and the CP managing departments.