Human Rights Management

Practice of Human Rights Management

Doosan Enerbility practices human rights management by emphasizing the value of human rights in all its business activities.
Doosan has established a process for implementing proper human rights management at the company and is also striving to promote a corporate culture that respects human rights and checks its human rights due diligence practice through the establishment of various educational programs and systems.

Promotion of Human Rights Respecting Culture

  • Announced a human rights policy on establishing a corporate culture of respect for human rights
  • Established a system for creating a work environment conducive to a healthy work-life balance for employees
  • Support provided to suppliers on their human rights management

Operation of Human Rights Training Programs

  • Offering human rights training programs to all employees
  • Support provided on training materials to increase employees’ human rights-related awareness
  • Conducting global human rights training programs that reflect the local characteristics of the country

Human Rights Due Diligence

  • Developed a human rights impact assessment checklist
  • Regularly conducting human rights impact assessments
  • Corrective actions taken to prevent/mitigate potential human rights-related risks
  • Assessment and improvement results openly disclosed

Handling of Human Rights Grievances & Remedial Action

  • System operated for anonymous reporting of human rights violations
  • Established a system for handling reports filed on human rights violations
  • Remedial action taken against violations of human rights