Strategic Goods Control

Declaration on the Implementation of
Autonomous Strategic Items Export Management

Doosan Enerbility hereby declares that it shall strictly comply with international norms at all times so as to contribute to international security and world peace and faithfully implement control of exports of its strategic items with the aim of boosting its corporate credibility and enhancing its sustainable management according to the following principles:

  • First,

    All our executives and employees shall remain keenly aware that complying with export control of strategic items is critical to the fulfillment of our corporate responsibility for the promotion of international security and world peace.

  • Second,

    We shall actively strive to establish the necessary organizations and systems within the company as required in order to manage our internal compliance program.

  • Third,

    We shall actively cooperate with the government’s policy on export control of strategic items and do our utmost to prevent the occurrence of any illegal activities including the illegal export of strategic items.

January, 2020
Yeonin Jung, President & COO
Doosan Enerbility