Small Modular Reactors

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Backed by our expertise in manufacturing nuclear power plant components,
we will be the best partner of SMR developers around the world and
aim to produce SMR equipment of the highest quality for our customers.

US Market

The US Department of Energy (DOE) is providing support to not only NuScale Power, which has adopted third-generation pressurized water reactor technology, but is also supporting the development of next-generation SMRs. In Oct. 2020, the US DOE selected X-energy and TerraPower as the contractors to build an advanced reactor that can be made operable within seven years and is providing funding for the Advanced Reactor Demonstration Project (ARDP).

Canadian Market

Since announcing their SMR development roadmap in 2018, Canada has been actively engaged in related activities, such as inviting SMR developers to their country, providing funding to such developers, establishing joint ventures and cultivating their own local research institutes and companies in this field. In 2021, they released a SMR Feasibility Study and have been pursuing the local construction of SMRs, particularly focusing on small-to-medium sized reactors, micro modular reactors and next generation nuclear reactors, while laying down detailed plans for dominating the global SMR market.

UK Market

The UK government is actively investing in SMR development and manufacturing, with Rolls-Royce pursuing the development of SMR based on PWR-3 technology. It is forecast that UK will be investing an amount exceeding 2 trillion won in SMR development, and they have announced plans to build their initial SMR model by early 2030s, after which they will be constructing 16 more units in their country.

Global SMR Development & Manufacturing Status

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