Social Contribution

Doosan’s social contribution activities are carried out in close partnership with local communities and
with the participation of diverse groups of stakeholders, with the aim of achieving mutual growth.

Engagement of Local Communities

Providing a Helping Hand to Agricultural Villages

Doosan has an ongoing alliance with seven agricultural villages in Korea, such as Gwisan village in Changwon, all for the purpose of providing a helping hand to local farmers during the farming and harvest season each year. We also assist with fixing up dilapidated facilities and improving the environment.

Public Safety & Firefighting Training Program

The company has a Health & Safety Volunteer Group composed of employees who are experts in the areas of disaster response, firefighting, public health and hygiene. They conduct training programs for those who are deemed particularly vulnerable to teach them the basics of disaster response, firefighting and safety.

Cleaning Up the Environment

To create a clean environment for the local communities and preserve the environment for our future generation, we carry out cleanup activities in coastal areas, island areas, streamsides and mountain regions.

Improving the Surroundings & Painting Wall Murals

We are carrying out projects aimed at securing the safety of youngsters and women by making their walking routes as safe as possible and carrying out various crime prevention activities, such as trying to brighten up the local surroundings by painting wall murals in crime-prone regions.

Doosan Day of
Community Service

Doosan Day of Community Service

In an effort to fulfill our social responsibilities as a corporate citizen and promote the sustainable development of the local communities, Doosan has been holding the “Doosan Day of Community Service,” a CSR event that is held on the same day worldwide and in which all our global affiliates’ employees take part in.